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Portfolio Management

Simply stated, Portfolio Management is the decision making process utilized in regard to investment policy. Portfolio Management primarily weighs strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and objectives, in an attempt to maximize investment returns and minimize risk. The traditional approach to Portfolio Management considers an investor’s appetite for risk. At Cosey Financial, we recognize that every investor has individual risk tolerances, time frames, and goals unique to their personal plan. In light of this recognition, we tailor risk, as appropriate, to strengthen the ultimate probability of portfolio success. The recognition of this truth allows us to build stronger, more appropriate portfolios and align client interests more closely with their unique portfolio design. At Cosey Financial we refer to this planning process as “risk based on need versus risk based on greed.” Through the implementation of appropriate asset allocation across various asset classes, our investment strategy seeks to more suitably balance investment risk and desired reward by distributing a portfolio’s assets according to an individual investor’s objectives and risk tolerances. At Cosey Financial, we do this through the utilization of such strategies as duration diversification (e.g. implementing a quarterly, 6 months, and 12 months portfolio rebalance), or strategy diversification based on various market algorithms (i.e. investment models based on sector rotation, relative strength, and market momentum, as opposed to a single strategy approach). The goal of this approach is to significantly reduce volatility, therefore establishing a more stable portfolio. Our professionals will work with you to help clarify your financial needs and goals, as well as assisting you in identifying an appropriate investment strategy to effectively match your investment objectives.