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Cosey Financial Services, Inc. was formed in March of 2004 and is a corporation organized in the state of Tennessee. Anthony E. Cosey is the President and sole owner. Cosey Financial Services, Inc. is registered with the state of Tennessee.

Cosey Financial Services, Inc. provides “fee for service” financial planning and investment advice. Areas of advice include asset allocation, investment selection, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance analysis, college funding and employee benefits and qualified plan subaccount analysis. Engagements are limited in scope based on the client’s unique circumstances.

The adviser gathers financial data including the client’s goals, circumstances, financial condition and risk tolerance. The adviser then prepares and delivers analysis and recommendations to the client. Recommendations may be in a written/electronic format, or in the form of verbal (in-person or phone) discussion, or both.

Clients engage Cosey Financial Services, Inc. on a “pay as you go” basis. The services a client receives are dependent upon the individual needs and requests by the client, but often times the services rendered are continuous and on-going. The investment management services provided by Cosey Financial Services, Inc. often involves investment modeling where trades are conducted with the use of adviser discretion. The adviser will perform “active” management to a client’s account in accord with pre-described/defined goals and risk tolerances provided by the client. When discretionary authority has been given to Cosey Financial Services, Inc. or one of it’s IARs, this allows CFS, Inc. to “take action” without first receiving approval from the client. The “action” is limited to purchases and/or sales of securities (Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds/ETFs, etc.) but does not allow the adviser to move funds between accounts or transfer assets from the account. All transactions are carried out by a qualified custodian that produces confirmations of the trade activity and regular statements. These statements may be produced monthly, but must be produced at least quarterly and contain the basic account value and holdings of the managed accounts along with listing the activity that occurs within the account(s) being managed by CFS, Inc. The statement provided by the custodian will also contain the advisory fee charged by CFS, Inc. Fees charged by CFS, Inc. are separate from the fees charged by Mutual Funds and other investment companies. Therefore, CFS, Inc. recommends consulting the Mutual Fund prospectus for more information about their fees.

CFS, Inc. also offers long term buy and hold services that do not involve active management of client accounts. Clients may choose a service that offers asset allocation services that are managed by CFS, Inc. that make less active transactions and is designed to keep expenses low, while offering market related rates of return. If services are selected that do not entail discretionary authority, then clients are free to implement all, some, or none of the adviser’s recommendations and the full responsibility of implementation rests with the client.