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Insurance and Risk Management

Risk Management is the process of identifying, analyzing, and quantifying the inherent uncertainty in any potential investment. Inadequate Risk Management can carry serious consequences. At Cosey Financial Services, we recognize that capital loss has a greater long-term impact on your portfolio than investment gains. Subsequently, our approach to portfolio management is more focused on avoiding losses versus many firms’ approach to chasing gains. At Cosey Financial, the market, not the calendar, dictates our trade frequency. This approach sets us apart from those investment firms that are committed to the traditional approach of quarterly portfolio rebalancing or reallocation programs. Additionally, the very nature of our planning method assesses the appropriate risk level for an individual client based on need, as opposed to greed. At Cosey Financial Services, our Risk Management process identifies existing investment risks, and then addresses those risks in a manner most suitable to your investment objectives.


If an investor loses 50% of a $1 investment, he has 50 cents remaining.







If that same investor regains 50% back, most people assume that he has his original dollar back. However, the truth is that this investor is now left with 75 cents.